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Sprayed Foam Roofing Systems Versatile and Economical

The Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing system is a versatile commercial roof solution that offers many benefits.  The SPF roof is lightweight and fully adherent, which means it often times can be applied over the existing roofing system, saving time and money.  The application is quicker and quieter, which means it minimizes workplace disruption. 

SPF Roofs offer the following benefits:

  • Stops air filtration, the number one culprit of energy loss
  • Keeps the roof cool with durable reflective coating
  • Provides a seam-free insulating barrier
  • Saves time and money with it's easy application

For more information, download the  Brochure:

Foam Roofing Systems Foam Roofing Systems (430 KB)

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epdm embrane recoating system

EPDM Membrane Recoating System (extremely durable synthetic rubber)

The EPDM Coating system for commercial roofs is a three step system using a the WACII roofing surface cleaner,  Tack Coat Primer, and a durable top coat.  These products, used together as a system, create an excellent coating to aged EPDM membranes.  The result is a highly reflective, energy saving and durable roof.

EPDM roof membranes are known to suffer from premature degradation due to exposure to the elements.  Dark surfaces absorb heat energy from the sun, causing excessive expansion and contraction.  Over time, the membranes degrade and begin to leak.  The EPDM Coating system protects the existing membrane with a reflective coating.  

For more information, download the brochure:

EPDM Membrane Recoating System EPDM Membrane Recoating System (1328 KB)

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Solomon Contracting holds manufacturer certifications for all of the roofing and most remodeling materials we install.  This means the work we do will be installed to manufacturer's specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with associated Manufacturers warranties.


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