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Deck Resurfacing Fast and Cost Effective.

If your existing deck structure is sound but the surface boards are worn, deck resurfacing is a fast and economical way to update your outdoor living space.

The process involves removing the existing walkways and rails, inspecting the support system, and then installing either treated lumber, hardwood, or composite decking material on top the existing support structure.

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composite deck

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Decks can be constructed using treated lumber, natural hardwoods such as cedar and redwood, or by using composite materials.  Treated lumber is the most inexpensive option in the short term, but composites can save you money over time because they are easier to keep clean and do not require re-treatments.   For design inspiration, start by downloading a catalog:

Trex Composite Deck Catalog Trex Composite Deck Catalog (4905 KB)


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Which Type of Deck is Right for Me?

Treated Lumber

If economy and longevity are your main concerns, pressure-treated lumber delivers on both counts. This material is stainable and hard enough to resist abuse.


If you are looking for the natural look of wood at a moderate price then cedar may be for you. The cedar tree is rot and moisture resistantwhich make cedar decking resistant to twisting and splitting. To retain the cedar color, it has to be cleaned and resealed everycouple of years.


Redwood offers all of the advantages of cedar but the wood is much harder than cedar, making it resistant to scratches and marks caused by moving furniture, dropping things, etc., It is slightly more expensive but requires less frequent maintenance than cedar.


If near-zero maintenance is your goal, then buy composite decking. We use Trek composite decking and it comes in three grades. It’s more expensive than cedar, but once it’s down, it won’t rot, splinter or twist.

  • Select® Composite Decking
  • Enhance® Composite Decking
  • Transcend® Composite Decking

Visit the Trex site to view more information - Click Here

A Recent Deck Project

Doctor in Ballwin - Deck Replacement completed in 2016


Dirty and Moldy!


The underlying deck foundation was sound, but the surface boards were unsightly. The home owner wanted to make his deck more functional and wanted a maintenance free surface. We saved money by keeping the underlying foundation and removing the old surface.


Scary Stair Case


The Doctor's children used to be afraid to climb down this scary old stair case. The surface boards were known to give splinters to your feet or to your hands if you grabbed the railings. The railings were completely replaced with safe and attractive wrought iron. The boards were completely replaced with composite.


Clean, Safe, Maintenance Free


We used a high performance composite decking material. This material costs more than pressure treated lumber and hardwood, but the maintenance costs are lower in the long run. The deep rich color will not fade in the harsh Missouri summer time and is mold resistant.

Here's what this Doctor in Ballwin has to say about us:

I bought an older home in the Ballwin area,   I knew when I bought it, that it needed a lot of repairs.  Fortunately,  I have Solomon Contracting as my "go-to" partner.  If they can't fix something, they always know someone who can.  What a relief!


Is your Deck Ready to be Resurfaced?

If your existing deck structure is sound, it can be very easy to replace the deck surface.

What Our Customer's Say....

Wonderful. no leakage. they were in and out and very professional.

Earl Changar- Loves His New Skylight


Solomon Contracting holds manufacturer certifications for all of the roofing and most remodeling materials we install.  This means the work we do will be installed to manufacturer's specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with associated Manufacturers warranties.


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